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This new pellet will supply

ALL the nutrients your young will need to fullfill their genetic capabilities. Refer product section

Heavy Duty Breeder mix for those whom prefer to use a grain based breeder. Substantial peas and vetch to provide Protein necessary for good growth.

Weaning Mix for recently weaned young birds. High in Protein with moderate Carbohydrates 





We have a shipment of coco fibre & latex nestfelts arriving soon $1.50 each

( price will vary if on promotion )



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Top Breeder Mix $30.00 20kg

Made with substantial amounts of Vetch and Mung bean the legume seeds your birds will consume first. Very high in Protein and Carbohydrates for superior young.    


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Welcome to Racing Pigeon Nutrition your professional Nutritionists specializing in all aspects of Nutrition for your birds. With over 17 years experience you will find the most complete products using the highest possible grains and raw materials formulated by a qualified Nutritionist(s) Nutritionists are the ONLY ones qualified to formulate diets etc, the rest are not. So stick with those with the know how to do it right the first time.